Shopping Guide

1.  How to place order?

Simply choose what you like on our site and click ''add to cart''  which will take you to our web based ordering system. It is quick, easy and safe. Our web site is secure and no one else will be able to access your confidential information. After you place order, we will send an order confirmation to your e-mail address so that you know we have received your order.

a. Find wig you need

b. Choose size, color and quantity

c. Click "Add to Cart"

d. Proceed To Checkout

e. Fill in address

f.  Pay for order. If any questions, please contact paypal or contact us at [email protected]

2. What is the density of the wigs?

Usually our wigs are 130%.

3. How to change order information?

Before making wigs, we can help you to modify the product information such as color and size;

Before shipping out the order, we can help you to modify the logistics information such as telephone NO., street address and so on.

4. Is it safe to order on your site?

We ensure that all customer details and information including contact and purchase information are kept privately and all transactions are processed through the secure processing system.

5. Do you sell wholesale as well?

Yes. If you have the intension, please contact us for further discussion.

6. How long I can expect the wig to last?

The life of your wig will depend on your use and care of it. If handle properly, usually our wigs will last over 6 months before needing hair added or a repair.

7. How to find my color?

Each product page shows the color chart. We also have color guide at the bottom of the site.You can have a look before you place order.

8. How to find my size?

We have size guide details at the bottom of the site. Click it and you will have a reference.

9. Is the picture on your website exactly the same as what I'll receive?

Theoretically speaking is it! All the customers wish so, so do we. Not all the computer display shows the same and it may happens extrusion slightly during shipping. If these happens, please bring wig to a professional hairdresser for a care.

10. Do you offer more discounts?

Yes, you will get more discounts, please check it by 

11. How to choose the best wig cap to wear?

We offer capless, lace front, full lace, monofilamet 100% hand-tied caps at the present.

Capless: the most common and affordable design, lightweight, well-ventilated.

Lace front: It has human hair or synthetic fibers hand-tied to poly-silk mesh lace at the front, creating a seamless, completely natural-looking hairline.

Full lace: realistic hairlines that give the appearance of naturally growing hair, allowing for versatile off-the-face styling options. more comfortable fit and feel.

Monofilament: Unlike traditional wefts, monofilament fabric gives you the ability to sew hair fibers into the wig cap one hair (or a few hairs) at a time. This method of wig construction mimics the way hair naturally grows out of a scalp. perfect for those looking for a comfortable fit and a luxurious natural look that won’t be mistaken for anything but real hair. 100% hand-made and best quality.

12. How to apply lace wigs?

1.Laying your hair down as flat as possible, apply a wig cap

2.Secure lace wig along hairline, trim lace around the front of your hairline

3.Apply tape to front of hairline and temples

4.Press down lace front part onto tape from one side to the other

5.Apply makeup to the lace by blending it and create a flawless look